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by Sustainabli

Sash managment, made simple

Why Sashimi?

Sustainabli’s Sashimi sensor pairs with our software to provided a unparalleled sash management workflow. Saving sustainability managers time and labs money.

Trusted Among Sustainability Leaders

SAMs are here to help

Sash Alarm Monitoring Systems (SAMS) are a behavioral change tool that lead to good sash management habits. Alarms beep softly when a hood has been left unattended and open for several minutes, which reminds lab users to shut the sash. SAMS also collect sash position data, which is automatically analyzed to enable real-time monitoring and institution-wide Green Lab efforts.

Software + Hardware

Our dashboard allows for lab admins to manages and account for lab power use. Deploy campus-level Shut the Sash competitions through our dashboard and measure your impact accurately